How to Renew Your CNA License

Certified nursing assistants need to be duly licensed by their state in order to be legally employed. It is also a crucial requirement for one's career advancement. However, licenses come with expiration dates; you must renew your license every 2 years by the last day of your birth month. In some states, you will be notified 30 days prior to expiration, but it is best to be mindful of the date.

Requirements for CNA License Renewal

The requirements for CNA license renewal depends on the state that you are registered. However, the following requirements are the typical ones that you need to prepare:

  1. Copy of current and active CNA license
  2. Proof of employed clinical work hours as a CNA
  3. Accomplished renewal form
  4. Proof of payment of renewal fees

For the second item, the proof of employment, some states specify a particular number of hours worked. In certain states, at least 24 hours of employed working hours in a medical facility is required (1 hour every month for the 24-month period). However, some states may require a maximum of 160 hours for the 2-year length. It is best to check your respective state board of nursing for the specific number of hours.

The clinic hours may also be substituted or supplemented with continuing education hours. This means that CNAs who have taken advanced courses (e.g., CNA to LPN courses) can renew their CNA license using the training hours they have incurred in their continuing education class.

Fees for CNA License Renewal

The usual renewal fee for CNAs is about $50. Additional fees may be incurred if the state requires rechecking of your criminal background. The accepted modes of payment for the CNA renewal fee are as follows.

  1. Money order
  2. Cashier's check (or in some cases, personal checks)
  3. Credit card
  4. Debit card

You will need to present a copy of your receipt as a proof of payment. Be sure to print out 2 copies; the other 1 is your personal copy. Check your state board of nursing on their guidelines for checks. Some states do not accept personal checks. As for the credit card, MasterCard and other major cards are acceptable.

Refresher Courses for Nullified CNA Licenses

In the cases of CNAs who were not able to practice their profession at all during the 2-year period, the state requires you to retake the examination for certification. In some states, you will need to have a brief refresher course for your CNA training. All of this mean that you cannot renew your license unless you comply with the aforementioned. As the term suggests, refresher courses review the knowledge and skills for CNAs. This can take a few weeks but may take longer depending on the state's guidelines.

Renewal of your CNA license is crucial for the continuity of your career. It is best to check with your state board of nursing for the specifics for renewal, especially with the required number of clinical hours.

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