So You Want to Get Your CNA License?

First of all, what is a CNA? Well, CNAs or Certified Nursing Assistants are people who provide basic care and support for patients in a hospital or medical facility. CNAs work under RNs or Registered Nurses, and perform daily duties such as feeding patients, giving them medicine, helping them with personal hygiene, keeping the room clean, helping with physical therapy, administering injections, taking vital information and monitoring their health’s progress.

Why you should get your CNA license

There are plenty of benefits to taking up a CNA learning course as opposed to other nursing degrees.

  • Short training duration
  • Low-cost tuition
  • Online courses available
  • Various employment options
  • Access to career advancement
  • Above-minimum annual salary with compensation

Unlike other nursing training programs, CNA courses take just half a year to finish, some even only need 2 months to complete. The fees and expenses are easy on the budget as well. In fact, some nursing homes and training centers offer free training in exchange for a year or so of employment after certification.

Another great thing about CNA programs is that they are very good stepping stones to other nursing degrees. Once you are a Certified Nursing Assistant, you only need to get a few more credits and some additional training in order to move up to higher-paying options. To add to that, your time working as a CNA can count towards your work experience; this will be very attractive on your resume.

How to get a CNA license

Certification starts with taking up a CNA course. Once you have fulfilled all requirements, such as the minimum hours required and the minimum passing grade, you will be eligible to take the certification exam. This examination is provided by State-approved testing centers such as Pearson Vue. It comes with a small testing fee. This is considered as the final exam, made up of oral, written and practical segments.

Once you have passed this exam, it will take a short while in order for your name to be included in your State’s Nursing Registry. The registry is where they keep a list of all the accredited nurses and nursing program providers. As a licensed CNA, you can practice within the State in any hospital or nursing home that is hiring. You can even work in private institutions or homes for patients that require constant and long-term care.

Where to study to get your CNA license

When it comes to the question of where to get a CNA course, you can check with the State Nursing Registry to see if an institution is accredited to provide this kind of training. You can also find a lot of Certified Nursing Assistant courses online. Other options include training with the American Red Cross. Some factors which you have to consider in choosing your preferred school is transportation, tuition, class schedule and prospective employment. Some schools have partnered up with health care facilities in order to provide their graduates with immediate job offers. Some of the most popular venues for training are community colleges, vocational schools and several nursing homes.

There are many benefits to taking up a CNA license, and being able to get certified in such a short time certainly ranks as one of the biggest benefits. The CNA profession is a very stable job which is also emotionally satisfying as well as you will be able to touch people’s lives in their moment of need.

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