Job Interview Tips for Certified Nurse Assistants

Getting a job doesn’t only mean having a shiny resume. You also need to give an impressive interview. This means you have to look good on paper, and be dazzling in person. You’ll be competing with a lot of other Certified Nursing Assistants, but we’ve got a few tips for you to help you get the bigger edge.

Be Prepared

Have all your important documents (and their copies) ready for submission. This includes identification documents, diplomas, certifications, and your resume. Note the exact time and place of the interview and be there at least 15 minutes before time. Also know the name and title of your interviewer so that you can address them properly. Most jobs also require a recent health record and background check, so inquire about these in advance so you will have time to take care of them.

Look professional

It’s always a good idea to wear formal office attire when going on an interview, but don’t overdo it. To be safe, you can go for a casual look that says “I’m ready to work” but also shows your good grooming. Make sure you are fresh and clean, with trimmed nails and tidy hair. Having a pleasing perfume (only a hint!) can also be a point. Remember to minimize the exposure of tattoos or body piercings. Looking good shows that you not only care for patients, but you also care for yourself.

Be ready for the questions

You may not know the exact questions the interviewer will ask, but you can expect them to include the following:

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Why do you want to be a CNA?
  • What reasons did you have for leaving your last employer?
  • What is your edge against other applicants?
  • Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Always position your answers in a positive tone. For example, when asked why you left your last job, you can respond by saying that you have learned a lot from the people there and are currently interested in further personal and career growth. When asked what you see yourself doing in 5 years, you can say that you are determined to pursue a nursing career and are excited to start working towards your goal.

Ask your own questions

You will also be given some time to ask questions of your own. Use this opportunity to show that you are eager to be part of the team. You can ask things like what to expect during your shifts so you can better prepare yourself. Other things you can inquire about are career opportunities and resources you can use to improve the quality of your work.

Remember that each job will be different, and that you need to adjust every time you apply to a hospital or health care facility. The most important thing to remember is to be confident and truthful. These are qualities that you will benefit from wherever you go.

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