Wondering about Certified Nurse Assistant Salary?

When it comes to salary and compensation, Certified Nursing Assistants receive a variable amount depending on their State. The typical range a CNA can expect anywhere in the country is within $20,000 to $30,000 annually. This amount can go higher, depending on certain situations and factors.

Depends on experience and skills

As with all other jobs, an individual might get paid more if he or she has some qualities and abilities that give them an edge over others in the same position. For example, an experienced CNA might have a higher pay than a fresh graduate with no substantial background or work history.

If you have other useful skills that you can use to improve your service as a CNA, by all means, use it. For example, bilingual or multilingual CNAs might get assigned more cases because they can cater to a wider demographic. If you are well-adjusted to shifting schedules, then you might be able to complete more (or longer) shifts than others, which means you can be entitled to bonuses such as night differential or overtime pay.

Depends on credentials

A person with good credentials or additional training and certification might also fare better in terms of pay. It is always a good idea to invest in continuous education because it shows you are committed to performing at your best and that you try to constantly improve your knowledge and skill set.

Depends on the demand

The demand for CNAs in the country as a whole is rising, but there will be some States that require more Certified Nursing Assistants than others. States like California, Maryland, New York and Nevada tend to pay more for CNA services because they need a lot of people to fill these positions. However, for those States like Delaware, Ohio, Virginia and Utah, the pay is somewhat less, simply because they are less populated and the ratio between care givers and patients is more manageable.

Making the most of your salary

CNAs are usually paid by the hour. When looked at from this perspective, the difference in salary to other nursing jobs is quite minimal. Though being a CNA is considerably less profitable than being a Registered Nurse, you will see that it is actually more beneficial on your part. Firstly, CNA training is more affordable and can be completed in a short time. If you think about the time and money you spent to get your CNA degree, it is definitely well worth it, compared to getting a higher nursing degree where you’ll spend thousands of dollars more. You can always move up the nursing ladder by taking additional courses that are less expensive, and you will still be earning enough as a CNA to support yourself. The best thing you can do is to save your money and invest it in two main ways: toward your personal health and on furthering your education or career.

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